An Eco-friendly House- A Perfect Gift To Mother Earth

Pradeep Krishnamurthy, a 39 years old individual built an eco-friendly house that stays cool in summers and warm in winters naturally.

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Pradeep Krishnamurthy built an eco-friendly house named “Bhoomi”

What Inspired Him To Create An Eco-friendly House? 

Pradeep’s father was a government official ,owing to which his family usually stayed in rural regions. Those places used to have big gardens and verandahs.

 This kept him away from the busy urban life, and made him more inclined towards nature.

As a result of his immense love for nature ,he chose the career of a wildlife photography

The idea of building an eco-friendly house came to his mind while conversing with his friend.He started researching on this topic.

At last with the help of a company named Tropic Responses, he was able to construct a house named Bhoomi in 2015.

How Does It Function?

The Interior Of The House

The eco-friendly first floor consists of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a unique courtyard.

The bricks are made up of a mixture of red mud, sand, stone dust, gravel, lime dust, and some concentration of cement.

The roof is made up of filler slabs and terracotta materials are used as fillers in tiles.

The doors and windows were built from reclaimed woods.

Sun-drying of the bricks ensures their breathability which controls the temperature.

They don’t even require air conditioners , the house remains cool in summers because of the interventions installed in the courtyard.

How Does It Recycle 500 Litres Of Water Daily?

The biogas plant installed in the house facilitates 3 hours of burning time daily. While, the slurry waste from the toilet nourishes their terrace garden.

In their garden blooms several fruits and vegetables like potato, pomegranate, lemons, bananas, passion fruit, cucumber, ridge gourd, tomato, beetroot, etc.

The grey water recycling system installed in their house reuses the water from the bathroom, kitchen, and washing machine in toilet flushing and gardening.

Thereby, enabling them to save 500 litres of water a day.

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