WHO 2nd Coronavirus Origin Plan: China Rejects The Investigation

On Thursday 22 July WHO proposed 2nd  coronavirus origin plan. But China rejected this investigation as it disregards common sense, Defies science.

The WHO 2nd  coronavirus origin plan investigation lists the “lab leak theory”. That the virus accidentally get leaked from the Wuhan laboratory. In WHO 2nd coronavirus origin plan investigation also include audits of Laboratories and Wuhan markets in the City. World Health Organization also requested transparency from the authorities.

Zeng Yixin, the vice minister of the National Health Commission (NHC) said that. “ We will not accept such WHO 2nd coronavirus origin plan as it in some aspects disregards common sense and defies Science”. Zeng also rejected the lab leak theory as it is a rumor that offset common sense.

Zeng also added up by saying that. “ we hope the WHO would review the considerations and suggestions made by Chinese experts. And truly treat the origin tracing of the covid- 19 virus as a specific matter. And get rid of political interference.

Furthermore, he claimed to stop politicising the study. The question of the origin of the virus still remains challenging among experts. Also,  the first case emerged in Wuhan in December 2019. First, it is believed that the virus is spreading from animal to human. Through the seafood market in Wuhan.

Credit: CNN

Joe Biden U.S. President In May also ordered help to solve the question of origin. In this, the US intelligence agencies followed the theory which includes the possibility of a laboratory accident in China.  ‘To open up origin -tracing by WHO  beyond China to other countries.’ Zeng and other Chinese officials requested.

According to Chinese team leader Liang Wannian. He totally dismisses the lab leak theory. He said it is a waste of energy and effort in this regard. And this theory can be applicable to other countries as well.

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