Increase In Crime Against Women In India: A Woman Brutally Beaten In Public

According to The National Commission Of Women(NCW) in 2021, an increase of 46% has been recorded in crime against women in India.

From January to August a total of 19,953 complaints were registered in NCW this year. 

Image Credits: Crimes Against Women

Increase In Crime Against Women In India In 2021 According To NCW

Out of those 7,036 complaints were recorded under the right to live with dignity clause, 4,289 cases of domestic violence while, 2,923 for harassment of married women or dowry harassment.

 UP alone records more than half of the cases. 

 Video Of A Woman Being Cruelly Beaten Went Viral 

A video of a young woman being viciously beaten by her husband went viral. The incident took place in Bulandshahar, UP. The victim’s mouth was flooded with blood and one could hear her crying for her mother.

Image Credits: Ntnews

She was beaten to death on Sunday. It was said that even after the horrific assault the woman reconciled with his husband and went home.

But then on Sunday, she was found dead with foam around her mouth.

The police have filed a case of murder and dowry harassment against her husband Hashim. Though he and his family are nowhere to be found.

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